🌀 My name is #HeraDelgado, I'm 35 years old, I live on Mallorca and I'm a #FemaleRigger, one of those people who can uses ropes to put another person in a #trance state.

I have studied psychology and use, besides this empirical knowledge, also "paranormal skills" for my energy work with the ropes. In addition to sessions, I also offer workshops and teach my style of knotting to others.

Since May 2019, however, my main focus is on my new project "Hera Uncensored", which runs on WhatsApp in parallel to YouTube and can be attended by anyone who supports my Concept of voluntary gifts.

Just send ANY AMOUNT (from 1 cent) to Paypal: http://paypal.hera-delgado.com and leave your WhatsApp number in the intended use field. I will contact you personally within a few hours.

First contact and all booking requests please only via WhatsApp: +49 160 92714581

Schlagworte: streetropeart