🇩🇪 Interview: Biggi Bardot

2017-01-04 12:54 minutes

Auf der EWT auf der Mallorca bekam ich #BiggiBardot für ein exklusives #Interview vor die Kamera :-)


🇩🇪 Interview: Texas Patti

2017-01-03 8:07 minutes

Auf der EWT in Mallorca habe ich #TexasPatti zum Interview vor die Kamera bekommen. Sie plaudert vom Dreh mit der Eronite-Exklusivdarstellerin Kimber Lee und wie es ist, sich von einer Shemale mal so richtig durchnehmen zu lassen...


Tags: interview

🇩🇪 Interview: Rafael Santeria

2017-01-02 6:48 minutes

🇩🇪 #Rafael is Vice President and Director at EROdays, the parallel sub-label in Eronite, which takes care of pornography and mainstream. What exactly does Rafael, as he cares about the performers and why he is actually "evil" that you learn here ...


🇩🇪 ScubaFetish - an unusual passion

2017-01-01 6:47 minutes

Today I received the Communication of a fan who turned to address a specific concern to me. He describes himself as a Scuba fetishist and asked for a corresponding production of. What the #ScubaFetish is, I tell you here, underlaid with corresponding pictures, and ask you for your opinion, Will ye that I produce such a film?