Bondage N°: 376 • Yoko Zuri

2017-08-02 7:52 minutes Bondage

Bondage N°: 376


Type: Yoko Zuri


Rigger: Hera Delgado


Model: BunNyna


Location: Palma de Mallorca


Assistant(s): Tom Börklund





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BIP #19: Alcúdia (ft. Akai Ryuu)

2017-07-03 32:25 minutes

Once again it's time for a #BIP. Today we grab the Polish rigger #AkaiRyuu and drive with him to Port #Alcudia in the north of Majorca. Of course, this time again a lot of people stopped in astonishment while passing by, when they saw the blonde bunny hanging around under the Spanish sun....


🇬🇧 #RopeArt: December

2017-01-07 87 images
🇬🇧 #RopeArt: December 0

In december we made a lot of advent- and christmas bondage. You wanna see BunNyna hanging upside down and decorated like a christmas tree? look here!