Scuba-Diving-Trip to the Caribbean: Curaçao

2017-02-17 5:54 minutes

Good bye #Caribbean! It was a really wonderful time and I found much more over there than I expected…

I had a couple of great dives, lots of fun, I got to know interesting and lovely people and I had some really nice bondage sessions.

Here you can see the cut from my #Instagram Stories. • #ScubaFetish • 

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Scuba experience • Experiencia de buceo

2017-02-07 9:01 minutes

Immerse into my fantastic world. Look how I breathe through my regulator in the crystal clear blue water and how my skintight wetsuit adapts to me. Enjoy the silence underwater, the sound of the regulator and resort to the weightlessness with me. Breathe in and out and make a brand new experience that will impact you for a long time...


Sumérgete en mi fantástico mundo. Mira cómo respiro a través de mi regulador en la cristalina agua azul y cómo mi traje de neopreno se adapta a mí. Disfruta del silencio bajo el agua, del sonido del regulador y recurre a la ingravidez conmigo. Respirar dentro y fuera y hacer una nueva experiencia que te impactará durante mucho tiempo...


🇬🇧 ScubaFetish: Schwerelos unter Wasser

2017-01-13 5:26 minutes

Vor knapp einem Jahr wendete sich zum ersten Mal ein Fan an mich mit der Bitte um Produktion eines #ScubaFetish - Videos. Scuba Fetisch - das bedeutet enganliegende Neoprenanzüge, Atmen aus einem geschlossenen Luftsystem und Schwerelosigkeit unter Wasser.
Here we go - ein neues Video für alle Scuba-Fetischisten…

🇬🇧 New underwater-scuba-video

2017-01-06 0:36 minutes

People always ask me for new underwater-clips. Here we go. This is another scuba-fetish-video!


🇩🇪 ScubaFetish - an unusual passion

2017-01-01 6:47 minutes

Today I received the Communication of a fan who turned to address a specific concern to me. He describes himself as a Scuba fetishist and asked for a corresponding production of. What the #ScubaFetish is, I tell you here, underlaid with corresponding pictures, and ask you for your opinion, Will ye that I produce such a film?