BIP #10: BoundCon Munich

2017-05-01 9:28 minutes and 21 images

Right in the middle of cameras and photographers #HeraDelgado fetches out her ropes and starts tying up #BunNyna with all the other people watching. Above the two of them the bamboos is swinging while strange-dressed people surround them and music is played loudly. She fixes BunNyna sideways, making knots and brings her to fly.

#BondageInPublic #BIP #München #Munich

BIP #08: Ferris wheel • Noria

2017-04-17 12:48 minutes

Haunted houses, roller coasters, carousels and petites with candyfloss - and right amidst of this a #ferris #wheel. That's where we go to take a ride with our ropes. We enter one gondola and start tying, carefully trying to hide what's going on, not knowing how the security man next to us might react. What will they do if they see us do our bondage and make knots all over the gondola when the ferris wheel starts turning?!


Hoy hemos estado en la Fira del Ram y nos hemos subido a varias atracciones, entre ellas la #noria, donde no me he podido resistir a atar a mi chica. Al principio íbamos con cuidado de que no nos vieran los de seguridad. Fueron cerca de 6 minutos de lo más emocionantes. Finalmente al salir nos avisaron de que nos dejabamos un arnés. Creo que nos vieron...


#BondageInPublic #BIP #Mallorca

Making Of: BIP - Riesenrad

2017-04-16 1:20 minutes

Heute waren wir auf dem Rummel und haben eine Bondage in der #Riesenrad Gondel gemacht. Erst Eindrücke zum Erlebten gibt es hier.


BIP #07: Airplane

2017-04-10 30:56 minutes

Ever thought about getting tied up in an #airplane? No? But that’s exactly what we’re gonna do today! With a lot of other people sitting in front of or behind us that are having no idea of what’s going on just right next to them. And what about the stewards that will pass?

Bondage en publico - #avión
Nos encontrábamos dentro de un avión. Una vez que habíamos despegado, comencé a atar a mi chica. La gente de los otros asientos no habían visto nada. Pero luego vino la auxiliar del vuelo…

#BondageInPublic #BIP

BIP #06: Hamburg: Elbtunnel

2017-04-03 13:20 minutes

#Hamburg, Rain, 4°C. I go into the „alten Elbtunnel“ tying up my model Nemi. People stop and watch her hanging down from the stairs…


Estamos en #Hamburgo. Hace muy frío con 4°C. Voy al „alter Elbtunnel“ con mi modelo #Nemi, hago una suspensión con ella y toda la gente paran para vernos.


#BondageInPublic #BIP

I was in #Berlin and went to a #shopping #mall with my rope bunny, looked for a stabile point for a suspension and hung her up right between all the people who were shopping. It was really funny…


Estaba en Berlin y pensaba, que puede ser posible „más“. Fue al centro comercial con mi modelo, buscaba un punto en el techo y he colgado a ella dentro de todas las personas que hicieron sus compras…


#BondageInPublic #BIP


BIP #04: Ballermann

2017-03-20 11:02 minutes

Bondage at the german’s favorite place of vacation: #Mallorca’s Ballermann. It’s winter but the most beloved beach of german travelers is always filled with life. Watch #HeraDelgado and #BunNyna while Bondage at this amazing place in part 2 of the „Bondage in Public“ series.

#BondageInPublic #BIP #Ballermann

BIP #02: Irish Pub

2017-03-10 11:20 minutes

We almost know too much of it: erotic bondage, artistic bondage, sensual bondage, bondage with style. WE create something new: brazen bondage in the public. For the first time, #BunNyna and I went into an #IrishPub and simply started tying. How will waiters and guests react? That's what you see here...

#BondageInPublic #BIP

Rope-Munch Mallorca: September 2015

2017-02-15 3:27 minutes

Hier mal wieder ein Video für alle diejenigen, die neugierig sind, wie der "Rope-Stammtisch Mallorca" so abläuft. 

Interessiert? Dann komm vorbei!

🇬🇧 #RopeArt: December

2017-01-07 87 images
🇬🇧 #RopeArt: December 0

In december we made a lot of advent- and christmas bondage. You wanna see BunNyna hanging upside down and decorated like a christmas tree? look here!