BIP #12: Caribbean (Curaçao)

2017-05-17 0:29 minutes and 12 images

You may have waited for a while, but here we go: These are the results of the great #photoshooting with a #Caribbean girl on #Curaçao - Enjoy the pics and the nice #timelaps video clip from the #RopeArt #suspension.

#BondageInPublic #BIP

BIP #11: Lübeck (Holstentor)

2017-05-08 13:13 minutes

• Together with my bunny #Eyleen I directly left for Lübeck's best known sign: the Holstentor. Her upper body got tied up fast and I tried to "quickly" throw my ropes over the gate what was not working out because of its highth. Some friendly native passengers directly offered their help. "A suspension at Holstentor? What a nice idea" one of them said and tried himself to get the rope over the gate. In the end I had to hang the little girl next to the city's big monument but we caused a lot of excitement anyway. BIP - that's a very special event for #Lübeck...

• Junto con mi modelo fuimos al monumento más característico de Lübeck, el „Holstentor“. Hice un Takate Kote, haciendo un lazo para ponerlo al monumento. Como no funcionaba del todo bien, los habitantes de Lübeck intentaron ayudarnos. Al final hice una suspensión directamente al lado del monumento de la ciudad. Que emocionante…


#BondageInPublic #BIP


BIP #09: Hamburg: Landungsbrücken

2017-04-24 12:01 minutes

It’s summertime in #Hamburg. So I take my rope bunny #Eyleen and we head towards Hamburg’s harbour where I tie Jezebel right in front of the passing visitors to a bridge at Landungsbrücken…the crowd of Japanese tourists immediately starts to pull out there cameras - but why!? It’s been them that once invented the whole thing… ;)



Ha llegado el verano a Hamburgo. Cojo a mi Rope-Bunny Eyleen y vamos dirección del puerto al muelle flotante. Allí la cuelgo de un puente delante de los ojos de los visitantes del puerto.
Los turistas japoneses alrededor enseguida sacan las cámaras...pero por que? Si fueron ellos los que precisamente lo inventaron…;-)



#BondageInPublic #BIP

BIP #06: Hamburg: Elbtunnel

2017-04-03 13:20 minutes

#Hamburg, Rain, 4°C. I go into the „alten Elbtunnel“ tying up my model Nemi. People stop and watch her hanging down from the stairs…


Estamos en #Hamburgo. Hace muy frío con 4°C. Voy al „alter Elbtunnel“ con mi modelo #Nemi, hago una suspensión con ella y toda la gente paran para vernos.


#BondageInPublic #BIP

I was in #Berlin and went to a #shopping #mall with my rope bunny, looked for a stabile point for a suspension and hung her up right between all the people who were shopping. It was really funny…


Estaba en Berlin y pensaba, que puede ser posible „más“. Fue al centro comercial con mi modelo, buscaba un punto en el techo y he colgado a ella dentro de todas las personas que hicieron sus compras…


#BondageInPublic #BIP


BIP #04: Ballermann

2017-03-20 11:02 minutes

Bondage at the german’s favorite place of vacation: #Mallorca’s Ballermann. It’s winter but the most beloved beach of german travelers is always filled with life. Watch #HeraDelgado and #BunNyna while Bondage at this amazing place in part 2 of the „Bondage in Public“ series.

#BondageInPublic #BIP #Ballermann

BIP #02: Irish Pub

2017-03-10 11:20 minutes

We almost know too much of it: erotic bondage, artistic bondage, sensual bondage, bondage with style. WE create something new: brazen bondage in the public. For the first time, #BunNyna and I went into an #IrishPub and simply started tying. How will waiters and guests react? That's what you see here...

#BondageInPublic #BIP

It's the first days of decembre, outside-area on Mallorca. There are no fruits on the trees, but therefore here is hanging my suspension-model BunNyna.

#RopeArt #RopeTrance

Rafael Santeria: Outdoor-Shibari - Part 2

2017-01-31 20:01 minutes

An einem wunderschönen Frühwintertag habe ich meinen Sohn #RafaelSanteria im spanischen Park unter Palmen aufgehängt. Im zweiten Teil vollende ich die Suspension und ziehe ihn in die Vertikale, bringe ihn anschließend kopfüber und erfreue mich an seiner hängenden Gestalt am Baume…

#RopeArt #RopeDance

Hera forms her #BunNyna under a tree at the coast to look like a very beautiful wind chime. BunNyna's outfit reminds of Sharon Stone from the film "total recall" and she could easily keep up with her. They don't let theirselves disturb by the rough wind and in a heartbeat BunNyna hangs relaxed into the ropes.


Hera forma a Nina debajo de un árbol en la costa que parece una campana al viento. El traje de Nyna recuerda el que utilizó Sharon Stone en la pelicula "total recall" y se podría confundir fácilmente con ella. Ellas no se molestan por el fuerte viento y en un latido de corazón, Nyna cuelga relajada de las cuerdas…

#RopeArt #RopeTrance

An einem wunderschönen Frühwintertag habe ich meinen Sohn #RafaelSanteria im spanischen Park unter Palmen aufgehängt. Im ersten Teil seht ihr, wie ich ihm Ober- und Unterkörper - Harness anlege und ihn bei strahlendem Sonnenschein in meine dunkle Welt entführe…

#RopeArt #RopeDance #RopeTrance

🇬🇧 #RopeArt: December

2017-01-07 87 images
🇬🇧 #RopeArt: December 0

In december we made a lot of advent- and christmas bondage. You wanna see BunNyna hanging upside down and decorated like a christmas tree? look here!