Week 45 0

Week 45 of 2018 is over and here are the pics of the week. Enjoy!

🇬🇧 _Inner silence through ropes_

My name is #HeraDelgado and I am a #RopeArtist. My art, which I nowadays practice as a street art, I learned from several major #Shibari and #KinBaku masters from across Europe.
Over the years, I specialized in particular on #suspensions, which is #hanging by #Ropes, from men. My current record is a height of 2.05 m and a weight of 135 kg.

Through my #psychology studies, over time, I noticed more and more how the suspended almost always fell into a state of #InnererSilence and were free from disturbing #Thoughts.

This condition I call #RopeTrance.

My mission, apart from my own #TravelsToTheInside, is to teach this technique both on the physical level by conveying the necessary knots and anatomical aspects, and on a psychological level by daily and individual care of my #PrivateStudents online.

Impressions of my work can be found on http://www.hera-delgado.com and - exclusively in German - on YouTube and Instagram.

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