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How to be a good bondage model? Which abilities do I need to have? Most of the passives in the bondage scene asked themselves these questions once since apart from physical capacities a good bondage also requires an emotional connection. In this course the passives are called to get active, to learn how to treat their disabilities, get a better position in bondage through training and learn certain techniques to connect with their partner.



60 minutes




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Rope bunny Nyna lives together with the rope-artist Hera Delgado at Majorca where they show save but very individual forms of bondage. Both emphasize more technical and medical security than sticking to certain figures. Bondage is art, esthetics, creativity and fun!


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December 29, 2017 18:25 Pitty Liebe Hera, könnte man auch den ganzen Film sehen ( 60 min. ) ?
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