Reverse PushUps #03

2017-12-12 2:15 minutes Blonde, Outdoors, Recent

Training Day: 12, 14, 20

#Workout: Reverse PushUps

Actor(s): #Hera

City: Palma de Mallorca

Location: City, Parc

Assistant(s): #BunNyna

Project: SportyMallorca


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#Dive N°: 852 (1)

2017-12-11 2:16 minutes Costume, Glovefetish, Recent

Spot: Isla Es Fred

Place: Portocolom / #Mallorca

Duration total: 53 min

Maximum #depth: 17.6 m 

#Diver / #Divers: #Jürgen #Wolf #Frederic #Mike #Andreas #Fabio


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Tags: scuba, scubafetisch, scuba-fetisch, tauchen, taucher, taucherin, unterwasser, unter-wasser, wasser, meer, anzug, neoprehn, neoprehn-anzug, neoprehnanzug, fraueninneoprehn, frauen-in-neoprehn, girlsinneoprehn, girls-in-neoprehn, flossen, maske, atemregler, getaucht, schnorcheln, tauchanzug, taucheranzug, tauchgang, tauchgänge, tauchgaenge, nass, naß, tauchlehrer, tauchlehrerin, mittelmeer, neopren, scubafetish, scuba-fetish, dive, diving, diver, underwater, under-water, water, sea, suit, wetsuit, neoprene, neoprene-wetsuit, neoprenewetsuit, girlinneoprene, girlsinneoprene, girl-in-neoprene, girls-in-neoprene, fin, fins, mask, regulator, breathe, breathing, unterwaterbreathing, underwater-breathing, dived, divingsuite, diving-suit, wet, divinginstructor, diveinstructor, diving-instructor, instructor, divemaster, dive-master, spain, mediterrenean-sea, scubafetishe, scuba-fetishe, buceo, bucear, buceador, buceadora, bajo, del, mar, bajodelmar, bajo-del-mar, agua, traje, neopreno, chica, chica-en-neopreno, chicas-en-neopreno, aletas, altea, pata, patas, regulador, buceado, esnorqueling, esnorquel, inmersion, inmercion, inmersiones, mojado, mojada, instructordebuceo, instructor-de-buceo, instructoradebuceo, instructora-de-buceo, bautismo, buceando, mallorca, espana, marmediteraneo, mar-mediteraneo, uwphoto, uwphotographer, underwaterphotographer, underwaterphotography, ocean, oceanskeepers, padi, ssi, cmas, protech, scubadiving, divinginmallorca, divingonmallorca, scuba-diving, girlsthatscuba, inmerciones

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