#RopeArt in the living room

2018-01-06 3:38 minutes Bondage

Hera has to set up the living room after her move and tests how her Ropebunny would look best in the living room. The harness is created in no time, and Bunnyna is draped sensual on the couch. Who wants Feng Shui anyway?

Hanging on the Futomomo

2017-10-01 5:02 minutes

🇬🇧 Suspend at one leg, #BunNyna hangs at #David's place and enjoys her #RopeDance. What do you think David thinks of this kind of spare time activities?


🇪🇸 Suspendida por una pierna, BunNyna cuelga en el sitio de David y aprovecha del #RopeArt. ¿Que crees que piensa David de esta manera de pasar el tiempo?

Shibari de verano

2017-08-27 11:23 minutes Bondage

A beautiful summer afternoon in Mallorca. Nyna and I are leaving to practice a little bondage. Our cameraman today: Argentinean Patricio from diary episode 89.


Una hermosa tarde en verano de Mallorca. Nyna y yo salimos para practicar un poco de Bondage. Nuestro grabador de hoy: Argentino Patricio de Episodio número 89.



YouTube-Channel: https://www.youtube.com/InternationalDatingbyHera

Bondage at the rosarium

2017-08-06 12:10 minutes Bondage

Bondage at the rosarium

Today we invited our Spanish acquaintance from diary episode n° 68 and went to a remote place in the outskirts of Palma. Over there I suspend BunNyna belly up with a hip harness under the roses...


Bondage en el rosarium

Hoy hemos invitado a nuestro conocido español del episodio 68 diario y fuimos a un lugar remoto en las afueras de Palma. Hay he suspendido BunNyna barriga arriba con un arnés de cadera bajo las rosas …

The Shibari-Tree

2017-07-29 8:07 minutes Bondage

In a secluded piece of desert-like area on Mallorca, Hera decides to lend her own touch to the desolate flora. Nyna is fixed centrally to the loins and a rope pull later she finds herself hanging head-down under the tree and gives the landscape her personal touch.


En una porción aislada de área desértica en Mallorca, Hera decide dar su propio toque a la flora desolada. Nyna es fijada en el centro de los lomos,   una cuerda tira de ell y más tarde se encuentra colgando cabeza abajo bajo un árbol y da al paisaje su toque personal.

Who is Hera Delgado

2017-07-23 2:47 minutes

Hera Delgado got to ropes by BDSM. Being Germany's only female fetish director, she had a monopol for years in the scene and was nominated for the Venus award in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Today she lives in Spain though born in Berlin and belongs to the leading bondage artists there and created the #RopeDance. With projects like 'Bondage in Public' she draws public attention to bondage as an art form.

Hera Delgado llego a las cuerdas por el BDSM. Siendo la única directora femenina de fetiche de Alemania, ella tuvo el monopolio durante años en la escena y fue nominada para los premios Venus en 2012, 2013 y 2014. Hoy vive en España aunque nació en Berlín y pertenece a los principales artistas del #RopeArt de allí. Con proyectos como 'Bondage in Public' logra llamar la atención del público al bondage como una forma de arte.

Bondage #373

2017-07-13 35:47 minutes Bondage

Bondage N°: 373

Rigger: Hera Delgado

Model: BunNyna

Location: Palma de Mallorca

Assistant(s): Tom Börklund


Wanna join our next bondage or wanna be a rope model on your own? Text me!

Panorama shibari at Mallorca

2017-07-09 11:21 minutes

Up high over #Mallorca's rural landscape in the middle of the island the blonde #BunNyna gets tied up. Riggerin #HeraDelgado binds her girl with a takate kote and a hip harness, fixes her sideways on the ring and makes her fly over green fields...


En lo alto del hermoso paisaje de Mallorca, en medio de la isla, la rubia BunNyna queda atada. Hera ata a su chica con un takate kote y con un arnés de cadera la cuelga de lado al anillo y la hace volar sobre campos verdes ...

#RopeArt #RopeDance

Bondage Picnic 2017 • Mallorca

2017-06-26 10:49 minutes and 18 images Bondage

Here you can download all the stuff from bondage picnic Mallorca in 2017. Lots of uncut videoclips and some HQ-photos. Only and exclusively hera on www.heradelgado.com

The Art of Rope

2017-06-24 1:18 minutes Bondage

Who wants to learn tying is absolutely right with Hera Delgado. She gives bondage Workshops and private classes for starters and advenced learners. No matter if it's a 'futomomo', 'takate kote' or a suspension bondage that you want to learn.

On one of the world's most beautiful islands, she will explain you all about bondage in an uncomplicated way. And who wouldn't like to combine a vacation on Mallorca with a class by Hera - and learn bondage on vacation..




¿Quien quiere aprender a atar con Hera Delgado? 

Ella realiza talleres de bondage y clases particulares para iniciados y para perfeccionamiento. Da igual si es 'futomomo', 'takate kote' o bondage en suspensión lo que quieras aprender. En una de las islas más maravillosas del mundo ella te explicará todo sobre el bondage de una manera sencilla.

¿Quien no quiere combinar unas vacaciones en Mallorca con una clase con Hera y aprender bondage mientras tanto…?


BIP #16: Sports Ground

2017-06-12 9:14 minutes

Once again it's time for a new BIP! Today we went to a public sports ground and just after a few seconds a group of yobs gathered around us. While I hang BunNyna completely unstressed to the tree, the guys grab their phones and start filming. One asks: "Why are you doing this?". "It's our form of art", I answer and they look even more astonished...

Una vez más es hora de una nueva BIP! Hoy fuimos a un campo de deporte público y justo al momento un grupo de gamberros se reunió a nuestro alrededor. Mientras colgaba a #BunNyna completamente relajada a un árbol, los chicos sacaron sus teléfonos y empezaron a grabar. Uno preguntó: Por qué hacéis esto?. Es nuestra forma de arte, le contesté y parecieron quedarse todavía más atónitos..

#BondageInPublic #BIP

Underwater RopeArt

2017-06-05 9:28 minutes

🇬🇧 You have been waiting for it a long time and now it finally happened: I am doing a #StreetRopeArt #underwater. First her jacket is taken from my #dive bunny and then she gets roped with her bottle on the bottom of the sea...

🇪🇸 Lo que todos estaban esperando por mucho tiempo y ahora por fin ha sucedido: estoy haciendo #cuerdas bajo el agua. Primero su chaqueta es retirada por mí bunny submarina y entonces ella se une con su botella en el fondo del mar...

Tags: scuba, scubafetisch, scuba-fetisch, tauchen, taucher, taucherin, unterwasser, unter-wasser, wasser, meer, anzug, Bondage, fesseln, gefesselt, Fesselung, Fesslung, Shibari, Kinbaku, Kin, Baku, Kin-Baku, Takate Kote, Takatekote, Suspension, tie, tief, tied-up, tiedup, Hängebondage, Schwebebondage, Public, BIP, öffentlich, oeffentlich, outdoor, outdoors, Seil, Seile, rope, ropes, cuerda, cuerdas, ropeart, kinbakuart, shibariart, ropebondage, shibaribondage, kinbakubondage, BondageMallorca, HeraDelgado, neoprehn, neoprehn-anzug, neoprehnanzug, fraueninneoprehn, frauen-in-neoprehn, girlsinneoprehn, girls-in-neoprehn, flossen, maske, atemregler, getaucht, schnorcheln, tauchanzug, taucheranzug, tauchgang, tauchgänge, tauchgaenge, nass, naß, tauchlehrer, tauchlehrerin, mittelmeer, neopren, scubafetish, scuba-fetish, dive, diving, diver, underwater, under-water, water, sea, suit, wetsuit, neoprene, neoprene-wetsuit, neoprenewetsuit, girlinneoprene, girlsinneoprene, girl-in-neoprene, girls-in-neoprene, fin, fins, mask, regulator, breathe, breathing, unterwaterbreathing, underwater-breathing, dived, divingsuite, diving-suit, wet, diving-instructor, divinginstructor, diveinstructor, instructor, divemaster, dive-master, spain, mediterrenean-sea, scubafetishe, scuba-fetishe, buceo, bucear, buceador, buceadora, bajo, del, mar, bajodelmar, bajo-del-mar, agua, traje, neopreno, chica, chica-en-neopreno, chicas-en-neopreno, aletas, altea, pata, patas, regulador, buceado, esnorqueling, esnorquel, inmersion, inmercion, inmersiones, inmerciones, mojado, mojada, instructordebuceo, instructor-de-buceo, instructoradebuceo, instructora-de-buceo, bautismo, buceando, mallorca, espana, marmediteraneo, mar-mediteraneo, uwphoto, uwphotographer, underwaterphotographer, underwaterphotography, ocean, oceanskeepers, girlsthatscuba, PADI, SSI, CMAS, ProTech, scubadiving, DivingInMallorca, DivingOnMallorca, scuba-diving, scubafetish, streetropeart

Bondage-PicMix - Vol. 3

2017-05-27 2:40 minutes Bondage

Another compilation of some nice bondage pics. Please enjoy the inspirations. If you wanna learn how to tie someone up or if you wanna get tied by yourself, please feel free to contact me on WhatsApp: +49 160 92714581


BIP #13: Mallorca (Plaça Major)

2017-05-23 14:12 minutes

One of Palma de #Mallorca's most touristic places: the Plaza Major - a place with pleny of people, police, vendors of sunglasses and street artists.. and inbetween are #BunNyna and I. Soon we organize ourselves in the middle of the place, put out our ropes and there we go. With every new rope, the crowd of spectaculatores grows, the smartphones are fetched out and a Police car tries to cross the place. If we did get in trouble? Find it out ;-)

#BondageInPublic #BIP

BIP #12: Caribbean (Curaçao)

2017-05-17 0:29 minutes and 12 images

You may have waited for a while, but here we go: These are the results of the great #photoshooting with a #Caribbean girl on #Curaçao - Enjoy the pics and the nice #timelaps video clip from the #RopeArt #suspension.

#BondageInPublic #BIP

BIP #11: Lübeck (Holstentor)

2017-05-08 13:13 minutes

• Together with my bunny #Eyleen I directly left for Lübeck's best known sign: the Holstentor. Her upper body got tied up fast and I tried to "quickly" throw my ropes over the gate what was not working out because of its highth. Some friendly native passengers directly offered their help. "A suspension at Holstentor? What a nice idea" one of them said and tried himself to get the rope over the gate. In the end I had to hang the little girl next to the city's big monument but we caused a lot of excitement anyway. BIP - that's a very special event for #Lübeck...

• Junto con mi modelo fuimos al monumento más característico de Lübeck, el „Holstentor“. Hice un Takate Kote, haciendo un lazo para ponerlo al monumento. Como no funcionaba del todo bien, los habitantes de Lübeck intentaron ayudarnos. Al final hice una suspensión directamente al lado del monumento de la ciudad. Que emocionante…


#BondageInPublic #BIP


BIP #06: Hamburg: Elbtunnel

2017-04-03 13:20 minutes

#Hamburg, Rain, 4°C. I go into the „alten Elbtunnel“ tying up my model Nemi. People stop and watch her hanging down from the stairs…


Estamos en #Hamburgo. Hace muy frío con 4°C. Voy al „alter Elbtunnel“ con mi modelo #Nemi, hago una suspensión con ella y toda la gente paran para vernos.


#BondageInPublic #BIP

I was in #Berlin and went to a #shopping #mall with my rope bunny, looked for a stabile point for a suspension and hung her up right between all the people who were shopping. It was really funny…


Estaba en Berlin y pensaba, que puede ser posible „más“. Fue al centro comercial con mi modelo, buscaba un punto en el techo y he colgado a ella dentro de todas las personas que hicieron sus compras…


#BondageInPublic #BIP