Finally: We are dancing Bachata

2017-09-19 3:19 minutes Interracial

You guys have asked us many times: Hey, you always talk about dancing Bachata. Is it possible to see you two? Yes - now it is. We are dancing „Bachata a lo loco“ in this video for you!


Bachata is a very sexual latinamerican dance. Here is our first video! Enjoy!

I was in #Berlin and went to a #shopping #mall with my rope bunny, looked for a stabile point for a suspension and hung her up right between all the people who were shopping. It was really funny…


Estaba en Berlin y pensaba, que puede ser posible „más“. Fue al centro comercial con mi modelo, buscaba un punto en el techo y he colgado a ella dentro de todas las personas que hicieron sus compras…


#BondageInPublic #BIP


BIP #03: Starbucks

2017-03-13 6:49 minutes

We are in the German capital and are ready to test the metropolis on its tolerance.  First we are headed to #Starbucks, Bunny #Lucy takes a seat and gets bound decoratively. Will the citizens lose their nerves? Curious gazes or relaxed coffee taking? How do the Berlins react? We are about to test it…

#BondageInPublic #BIP #Berlin