#RopeArt in the living room

2018-01-06 3:38 minutes Bondage

Hera has to set up the living room after her move and tests how her Ropebunny would look best in the living room. The harness is created in no time, and Bunnyna is draped sensual on the couch. Who wants Feng Shui anyway?

The Shibari-Tree

2017-07-29 8:07 minutes Bondage

In a secluded piece of desert-like area on Mallorca, Hera decides to lend her own touch to the desolate flora. Nyna is fixed centrally to the loins and a rope pull later she finds herself hanging head-down under the tree and gives the landscape her personal touch.


En una porción aislada de área desértica en Mallorca, Hera decide dar su propio toque a la flora desolada. Nyna es fijada en el centro de los lomos,   una cuerda tira de ell y más tarde se encuentra colgando cabeza abajo bajo un árbol y da al paisaje su toque personal.