BIP #10: BoundCon Munich

2017-05-01 9:28 minutes and 21 images

Right in the middle of cameras and photographers #HeraDelgado fetches out her ropes and starts tying up #BunNyna with all the other people watching. Above the two of them the bamboos is swinging while strange-dressed people surround them and music is played loudly. She fixes BunNyna sideways, making knots and brings her to fly.

#BondageInPublic #BIP #München #Munich

🇬🇧 While the sun sets on #Mallorca, #BunNyna entangles herself in #HeraDelgado 's ropes. Free from clothes the black rope winds across wrists and upper body of the young woman. Knot by Knot the riggerin binds her in that artistically and routined way, tying her Arms in front of her body until a perfect #spiderweb appears.

🇪🇸 En el atardecer de Mallorca, se enreda a Bunnyna en la cuerda de Hera. Liberada de la ropa, se anuda la cuerda negra alrededor de las muñecas y la parte superior del cuerpo de la joven mujer.
Nudo a nudo, la atadora ensoga ambos brazos delante del torso desnudo de forma artística y experimentada, hasta que la telaraña esté perfectamente anudada.

#RopeArt #RopeDance

Spreaded legs in the spiderweb

2017-03-31 21:16 minutes

#BoundCon in Munich. #HeraDelgado and #BunNyna on tour. Suddenly I discover this strange rack, place BunNyna on it and happily Start tying. It only takes a few minutes until the blonde finds herself with spreaded legs into a huge spiderweb - completly unable to move and extradited...

#RopeArt #RopeDance

Bondage Picnic 2016: Mallorca

2017-03-23 3:04 minutes and 81 images

As every year this year the #bondage #picnic took place in #Mallorca. We not only brought some nice food but two nice bunnies as well that hang around at our picnic. Directly at the sea Hera got started with her artistic rope technique, what was accompanied by cameras as it is so often and furthermore attracted some curious onlookers. The bondage picnic takes place each summer at the same time around the world in big cities like for example Barcelona.


Como cada año, el bondage picnic se volvió a celebrar en Mallorca. Además de traer una deliciosa comida, tuvimos la presencia de dos bellas "bunnies" durante el picnic. Junto al mar, Hera empezó con su técnica artística con cuerdas, acompañada por cámaras y que, a la postre, atrajeron a algunos curiosos al evento. El bondage picnic se celebra cada verano al mismo tiempo alrededor del mundo, en grandes ciudades como Barcelona y otras…