2017-10-02 16:56 minutes

The october comes and we start into the new month with a huge outdoor #RopeDance - with spanish 27°C and warm sunshine at the pool.

BIP #20: Sauna

2017-07-10 5:56 minutes

• If it gets warm, there could be hot girls around. Or a finish #sauna. Or both. Because there at the spa #HeraDelgado bounds her little bunny to a hogtie package and makes her stew in the heat.

• Si se vuelve caliente, podría haber chicas calientes, o una sauna lista, o ambas cosas. Porque en el spa Hera Delgado limita a su pequeña #BunNyna en un caliente paquete y hace su guisado en el calor…


#BondageInPublic #BIP