RopeArt-Performance #01

2018-01-08 18:30 minutes Blonde, Bondage, Pantyhose

#Bondage N°: 432

Type: Performance

#Rigger: #Hera #Delgado

Model: #BunNyna

Location: #Passion #Hamburg

Project: #RopeArtMallorca

Assistant(s): #Alexander:


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Workshop-title: #RopeArt Modul 2 (Suspension)

2017-12-14 25:26 minutes

••• Excerpts of the workshop programm •••

Workshop description:

Here you need to bring some basic knowledge already. In this workshop I show and explain the basic principles for suspensions. Apart from a separated anatomical part that treats the medical aspects in suspensions you will learn in this course how to hang some into ropes savely and without problems.


90 minutes


#RopeArt #Tutorial

#RopeArt: 1. Advent

2017-12-03 10:30 minutes Bondage

First Advent. The celebration of joy, the celebration of love. As well there are two people celebrating: Hera and BunNyna who gets bound tightly to the handrail. But this is not even it: the first light, the first candle - it already burns. Strong and constantly just like BunNyna's passion for tying…


La celebración de la alegría, la celebración del amor. Hay dos personas celebrandola: Hera y BunNyna quien es atada estrechamente a la barandilla. La primera luz, la primera vela – ya está ardiendo. Fuerte y constante como la pasión de BunNyna por las ataduras…