Scuba-Fetish Box I

2017-06-15 14:44 minutes Outdoors

Weightlessness in the depth

Hera dives relaxed 16 metres deep. Air bubbles are rising from her mouth straight to the surface. Wearing her black dive suit she is a cute eyecatcher for fish and other divers…


Into the wreck

Today I dove to a really big wreck. Watch me diving inside it, check out the nice view and enjoy the underwater-feeling…


Scuba Fetish - Hera in ihrem Element

Tauche gemeinsam mit mir ab und teile jeden Atemzug mit mir. Genieße die wundervolle Stille und tauche ein in eine andere Welt…


Join the adventure

Diving on Mallorca is fun. Wanna join? Contact me on WhatsApp: +49 160 92714581


Floating in der Tiefe des Meeres

Hera geniesst ihren Tauchgang in der Tiefe. Langsam gleitet sie dem Meeresboden entlang und blickt lasziv durch ihre Tauchmaske. Ihre schweren schwarzen Flossen bewegen sie sanft durch die Unterwasser-Flora…


Underwater Selfies :-)

Underwater with Hera Delgado: Did you ever try to make an underwater selfie? Well, here we go…



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Scuba-Fetish: Hera's 500th dive

2017-03-03 2:45 minutes

My 500th dive I made in the mediterranean sea. Here there is this little amazing video for you. What I did? The same, that I also do out of the water: Leading people ;-)