My biggest and deepest passion and the main of my time I do #RopeArt.

What‘s #RopeArt?
Maybe some of you know Shibari.
Shibari , also known as KinBaku, is a japan inspired art of bondage, where your body is aesthetically and complex tied and maybe also lifted in the air.
I learnd this art form from many different masters in the last decade and trained my own style of RopeArt.

Today I practice, beside only a handful European riggers, #RopeArt in Spain and I let fly men as women at my #RopeTrance-Sessions.

My mission, apart from my own #TravelsToTheInside, is to teach this technique both on the physical level by conveying the necessary knots and anatomical aspects, and on a psychological level by daily and individual care of my #InnerCircle online.

I do single-workshops, sometimes in groups as well (but not very often) where you can practice my style of rigging. There is not the aim of exactly copy one of the figures, more I want you to understand the safety and the basic anatomic issues.

On YouTube and Instagram you will find pics an Vids of my work under the hastag: #StreetRopeArt and #HeraDelgado.
Video-Tutorials in full-length and with original sound you can see in my membership-area!

#Workshop via Whatsapp to +49 160 92714581